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Quality Durability Design

"After winning the Governor's Cup at the WAMP Show, we attribute a big part of our success to Pro Smoker. Their service and support is the best in the industry." - Ron Rose Leroy Meats Horicon, Wl

Quality and durability, designed to last is what a Smoker Oven purchaser should look for!

It should be at an affordable price, able to incorporate options in the future without having to upgrade, be user friendly and give performance to obtain maximum results and payback.

At Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster®, our philosophy is to design, build, and test our smoker ovens with quality and pride that is only found in a company that is third generation owned and operated. We know that our smoker ovens are second to none. 

Pro Smoker’s high velocity truck smokers are totally built with stainless steel inside and out, including super structure frames inside the wall with all seams totally welded which avoids rust out and failure. We use an 800 degree high temperature, high density insulation in our walls, ceiling, floor and door to obtain almost 100% non-transfer of heat or cold.

Thick heavy gauge stainless steel is used for our inside and outside walls with fully welded seams, as opposed to pop rivets, bolts, or caulk which will result in a flimsy box. Our smoker ovens can be laid down to transport and move in without fear of twisting or damaging, this allows the height of the unit not to be an installation problem, saving installation dollars.

Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® has the most user friendly controls and microprocessor on the market today. Our control panel and electrical cabinet are very easy for your maintenance staff or any local electrician to service. All parts are labeled and color coded wiring makes trouble shooting a snap if needed. Pro Smoker also includes easy to read complete electrical drawing in all manuals.

Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® is designed for quick and easy repairs by the customer or any local contractor, should you have a problem. We also have a full staff to help with any technical or operating needs and mechanical parts which can be found locally allows you little down time. We do stock all replacement parts and can ship the same day.

Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® is the only smokehouse manufacturer to have its entire line USDA, NSF/ANSI STANDARD 4 and ANSI/UL STANDARD 197 Approved and Listed.

Pro Smoker was established in 1977 and has assembled a team that has over 100 years combined sausage making experience and we are able and willing to pass that knowledge on to you to help secure a strong, profitable business.


  • Electric Smokehouses for energy efficiency and safety
  • All stainless steel material inside and out is 12, 14, and 16 gauge type 304
  • 100% welded construction
  • USDA, NSF, and UL approved and listed
  • 2 inch insulation on floor, walls, door, and ceiling of house for maximum heat retention
  • 1" x 2" wide high temperature silicone door gasket seal that is latched with our double latching fully adjustable handle system
  • Minimat fully automatic Microprocessor

 Microprocessor Features:

  • 99 User Programs 99 segment steps to each user program
  • Internal Temp, Digital Readout
  • House Temp, Digital Readout
  • Humidity Digital Readout
  • Time Shut Down
  • Time Delay
  • Automatic Cold Shower
  • Electric Automatic Dampers
  • Automatic Wet Tank Fill
  • Wet/Dry Bulb Humidity
  • Steam Control (steam boiler optional)
  • Preheat for Smoke Generator
  • Hot Smoke
  • Cold Smoke
  • Automatic Restart if Power Fails
  • Micro is Self Monitoring With Alarms
  • Ability to Hold product and Maintain Temperature for HAACP Plans


Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® manufactures the most durable and heaviest built units on the market today. Remember that Pro Smoker will custom build your truck smoker with options of door swing, control side, drain location, and electrical specifications.

Thank you,

Kenneth J. Hanni

Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster®


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